Bridges Out Of Poverty Workshop

Friday, January 18, 2012  |  9:30 am - 2:00 pm
DezinsInteractive Office
10311 Jefferson Highway | Suite B1

A Unique Solutions to Poverty / Financial Empowerment Training for Corporation, Non- Profit and Small Business Executives offered in collaboration with DezinsInteractive & Resources Benefiting Families.


Building Human Capacity,
Not Just Institutional Capacity,
through a proven philosophy designed to

Help individuals & families to:
- Create / enhance their own resource base
- Make choices that promote dignity & well being
- Giving back to others and their communities
- Become self-sufficient!

Elain Ellerbe
Certified National Trainer
Bridges Out of Poverty, Getting Ahead In A Just Getting By World & The R Rules


What is the purpose of Bridges Out Of Poverty:

If you didn't grow up in poverty, you may be totally unaware of the "hidden rules" that govern many aspects of life for the poor.  People in poverty are often in survival mode, where the future holds no promise and support systems taken for granted in middle class and wealth are non-existent. 

If your business, agency or organization works with people from poverty or you care about being an agent of change in finding solutions to poverty, then only a deeper understanding of the challenges of the under-resourced-and strengths-will help you "partner" with them to create opportunities for success.

In the Bridges Out of Poverty context, poverty is defined "as the extent to which an individual does without resources".  Therefore, if people in poverty are able to connect to the necessary resources, they are likely to become more self-sufficient and self-sustaining.

Looking at poverty through the lens of economic class versus social class allows one to do away with pre-conceived and judgmental opinions of people in poverty.

An individual brings with them their own "hidden rules of class" in which they were raised.  These "hidden rules" dictate an individual's pattern of thought, social interaction and cognitive strategies.  Understanding other classes' hidden rules can help close the communication and relational gap between individuals from different economic classes.

Learning how to build human capacity rather than just institutional maintenance is the key to implementing more effective solutions to poverty.   However, any discussion or planning should only take place when all three "Fred's" are at the table-the Fred from Poverty, the Fred from Middle Class and the Fred from Wealth.

Who should attend?

For individuals wanting to be a part of changing the economic landscape of the Greater Baton Rouge area, this is a must attend training. Including:

  • Business Owners / Corporate Staff / Social Entrepreneurs
  • Mentors of Adults and Youth
  • Non-profit Executives and Staffs
  • Civic and Community Leaders
  • Social Workers
  • Anyone interested in being an Agent of Change

What Can I Do With This Certification?

  • A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to all participants
  • You will come away with very unique and innovative knowledge on tackling the issue of poverty in a very "out of the box" way
  • And once you cross the "Bridge", there's no going back!

What Is The Cost?

  • $99 per person and includes Bridges Out of Poverty textbook/workbook

What Can I Expect?

  • The unexpected, and we promise you won't be bored!  Lively discussion will ensue!

How Do I Register?

  • Call (225) 963-2074
  • Send an email with your name and contact information to