Refined By Fire Ministries, Inc. was founded and incorporated in 1995 by Michael, Elain & Ari Ellerbe, as a non-profit organization whose initial mission was to provide religious programming in adult and juvenile corrections facilities. Using their preaching and singing talents, the Ellerbe's have traveled across the United States from Louisiana to New York, Miami, Florida to Denver, Colorado and many places in between. Traveling many miles, the Ellerbe's have been welcomed into churches, prison facilities and inner city settings to minister. Additionally, the Ellerbe's have recorded three albums of Contemporary Christian music as well as Michael has published a book, "Dog Is God Spelled Backwards: Lessons I Have Learned From My Dogs About My Heavenly Father", all of which can be found on this website under the RBF Store.

In the past seven years, the organization has seen its mission expand through its Reentry Benefiting Families Initiative that focuses on pre-release and post-release educational programs for the incarcerated who are approaching release dates and returning to their families and communities in which they will, live, work and raise their children.  Through Resources Benefiting Families initiative, under-resourced families are provided life skills as well as assistance in connecting them to key resources needed to improve their quality of life.