Incarcerated Fathers: Changing from Dead Beat Dad to Responsible Father



Celebrating the Family


Michael and Elain Ellerbe, founders of Reentry Benefiting Families, were recently honored at the Baton Rouge Family Foundation for their life-long commitment to providing faith-based programs for inner-city residents and ex-offenders. Their efforts include financial literacy, parenting, and marriage and family relationship enrichment programs. At one time, members of the family held six jobs among them to provide for themselves while continuing the programs.



Read To Me Daddy Project


Through the Read To Me Daddy Project ™, Re-Entry Benefiting Families provides the resources, equipment and personnel to video tape incarcerated fathers as they read a childrens book to their own child. The video will then be burned to a DVD for presentation to the incarcerated father's child along with a copy of the book the father read. The father will encourage his child to have Daddy read to them anytime they wish, even when he cannot be with them.