Parenting & Family Relationship Education

Through RBF's evidenced-based Nurturing Parenting and Inside/Out Dad programs, incarcerated parents and families impacted by the criminal justice system are learning how to be better parents and better partners. Read More >>


Read to Me Daddy/Mommy Project ™

Through the Read To Me Daddy/Mommy Project ™, Reentry Benefiting Families along with their corporate partner, Hometown Productions,  provides the resources, equipment and personnel to video tape incarcerated parents reading to their children. Read More >>


Life Skills for the Incarcerated and their Families

Our staff is certified and highly experienced in providing life skills to incarcerated populations ex-offenders as well as their family members. Read More >>


Bridges Out of Poverty

Financial empowerment and economic stability are at the very core of healthy families and thriving communities. Understanding the use of financial resources, and how it works in today's society is crucial to a person's ability to develop assets. The development of assets, large or small, is the very first step to increasing family stability, encouraging better consumer habits, and eventually increasing an individual's stake in the health and wealth of a community. Read More >>


Suit Donation Partnership

RBF, in collaboration with Men's Wearhouse and the Louisiana Department of Corrections, will serve as the conduit for "gently-worn" suits to be given to offenders releasing from state prisons. Read More >>


Fatherhood Initiative

Being a parent is never easy and being an incarcerated parent poses many unique obstacles for both the parent and their children. Here are some sobering statistics concerning children of incarcerated parents. Read More >>