Bridges Out of Poverty


Financial empowerment and economic stability are at the very core of healthy families and thriving communities. Understanding the use of financial resources, and how it works in today's society is crucial to a person's ability to develop assets. The development of assets, large or small, is the very first step to increasing family stability, encouraging better consumer habits, and eventually increasing an individual's stake in the health and wealth of a community.

Through a Licensed Consultant Agreement with the award winning training and publishing company, aha! Process, Inc., Refined By Fire Ministries, Inc. has developed a unique approach to assist under-resourced individuals and families to become skilled in how to manage their money and stretch their resources.  Coming along side an individual to help them understand the poverty mindset as well as finding their own plan for moving from poverty to financial stability is extremely effective.   The life skills we teach utilize nationally recognized and evidenced-based curriculums, all of which RBF Staff and Volunteers have been certified to facilitate through aha! Process, Inc. trainers.

For the Under-Resourced Individual, we offer:

FDIC Money Smart - This 10 module program helps individuals and families by showing them how even small shifts in their spending and savings habits will make a positive difference in their finances. Whether it is learning more about banking services, ways to save and budget or the best options for borrowing money for home or vehicle purchases, it is the basic understanding of these various financial activities that brings about increased economic stability and a better quality of life.

Getting Ahead In a Just Getting By World for Adults - Written by Dr. Phillip DeVol and based on the research and writings of Dr. Ruby Payne, an expert in poverty solutions and working with under-resourced populations, the curriculum includes 12 modules.  Topics include, but are not limited to:  Theory of Change, The Rich/Poor Gap and How It Works, Hidden Rules of Class, Identifying Available Resources and Building Resources, Stages of Change, Creating Mental Models for Your Personal Path Out of Poverty. At the culmination of the classes, participants will have created their own individual plan for moving out of poverty and "getting ahead" as well as how to engage in community problem solving and giving back.

The R Rules for Youth - Written by Betti Souther, an experienced educator, this program, based on the Getting Ahead program and Dr. Payne's research, provides youth with the skills to build their own resources in lieu of family support as well as strengthen their learning skills.   Most under-resourced youth today have no future story.  This program helps them develop a future story as well as provides them with life skills to manage the present and then plan for the future they want to live in.

For Communities Looking to Thrive, we offer:

Bridges Out of Poverty Presentations - Structured in a one, two or three day workshop, community leaders are given a starting point to identify the true underpinnings of poverty and how a community can more effectively address the issue.  Participants will grasp a deeper understanding of what it is like in poverty and learn new skills on how to relate to under-resourced clients and employees.  Whether you run a corporation, a community services organization or in state or local government, attending a workshop will open up an entirely different future story for you, your organization and the people you serve.

Our Solutions to Poverty / Financial Empowerment programs are presently being imiplement in correctional facilities for offenders and in communities across Louisiana.

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