Read To Me Daddy(Mommy) Project

Read to Me Daddy/Mommy Project ™

In an effort to reconnect incarcerated fathers to their children in meaningful ways, the Read to Me Daddy Project ™ was launched in Spring, 2008. Statistics clearly indicate that a strengthening of the bonds of incarcerated parents to their children affords that individual with a much greater chance for success once they return home. It also provides the child the opportunity to re-connect to the parent to be loved and nurtured.

Through the Read To Me Daddy Project ™, Re-Entry Benefiting Families provides the resources, equipment and personnel to video tape incarcerated fathers as they read a children's book to their own child. The video will then be burned to a DVD for presentation to the incarcerated father's child along with a copy of the book the father read. The father will encourage his child to have Daddy read to them anytime they wish, even when he cannot be with them.

Appropriate permissions will be obtained from the child's mother or guardian for the child to accept the DVD and book.

Pilot programs were being established at two Louisiana state prison facilities: Dixon Correctional Institute in Jackson and Phelps Correctional Center in Dequincy, with future site at Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola.

If you are the main caretaker for a child with an incarcerated parent and would like your child to participate in this program, please contact our staff at for more information.